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When is Dead Really Dead? [Power Point file]
Teaching Critical Thinking [Power Point file]
Fire-Based EMS [Power Point file]
CDC Hand Hygiene Slide Set [Power Point file]
Capnography [Power Point file]
Post Resuscitation Care [Power Point file]
Avoiding EMS Lawsuits (PPT file – 2016)
Controversies in EMS [PPT file – 2016]
Disruptive Technologies [very large PPT file – 2018]
NFPA 1584 Class – 2015 version (NEW):
NFPA 1584 Class – 2008 version (3 hour session):
Protocols – CO: 
FDNY and Chicago Fire Dept CO treatment algorithms [Power Point file].
REMO Regional protocol for the RAD-57 (REMO is the Upstate New York Medical Control oversight agency)
Carboxyhemoglobin SpO2 Findings – used by West Crescent FD (Mike McEvoy’s home dept) to report RAD-57 readings to the responding transport ambulance and suggest interpretation and treatment.
SpCO Assessment Guideline – a comprehensive algorithm for use in making patient treatment and transport decisions using SpCO.
Acute Care Presentations: