About Mike

Born in New York City, Mike has been disturbing the peace since 1960. He has yet to grow up, and may never finish school although he did managed to migrate to Upstate New York. Mike’s had a wide range of jobs including bus driver, police/fire/EMS dispatcher, paramedic, and group home manager. His first career as a forensic psychologist in the criminal justice field was short lived, and his second as a Registered Nurse has kept him immensely happy since 1988. Mike is a Clinical Coordinator in the Cardiac Surgical ICUs at Albany Medical Center where his expertise ranges from adult to pediatric to neonatal critical care. He teaches pulmonary physiology, hemodynamic monitoring, and critical care medicine at Albany Medical College. Mike also Chairs the Resuscitation Committee and serves as a member of the Formulary (Pharmacy and Therapeutics) Committee at Albany Med. Previously, Mike worked part-time for 8 years as an IV nurse with the Visiting Nurses Association, leaving to return to school with the eventual goal of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner. That goal is on hold for now and in 2008, he cut down from full time work at Albany Med to spend time writing, speaking, and working as a research and training consultant to medical and public safety organizations, associations, and companies.

Mike is widely published in Nursing, Medical, Fire, and EMS journals and magazines and has written one book called “Straight Talk About Stress” published by the NFPA in 2004, and served as a lead editor for “Critical Care Tansport,” published by Jones & Bartlett in 2010.  He speaks worldwide on pulmonary and critical care medicine, hemodynamic monitoring, emergency medicine, pharmacology, new technologies in medicine, and stress management. His most recent expertise and research areas of interest are carbon monoxide and cyanide.

Mike is the EMS technical editor for Fire Engineering magazine (www.fireengineering.com), a columnist for EMS1.com where his popular Drug Whys column now resides (www.ems1.com/Columnists/DrugWhys).  At home, Mike remains an actively practicing Paramedic with the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Ambulance Corps and is also the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Coordinator for Saratoga County, NY. He is the Chief Medical Officer and a firefighter for West Crescent Fire Department.

At the State level, Mike was the first EMS Chief ever elected to the Board of Directors of the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs, an office he still holds. In 2005, Mike was elected to Chair the New York State EMS Council, the highest EMS office in New York State. He continues to serve on as a delegate to the State EMS Council, representing the State Fire Chiefs and publishes a widely distributed list server based “New York State EMS Council Notes” delivering his humorous perspective on happenings at State EMS Council meetings (see: www.saratogaems.org/NYS_EMS_Council.htm).

To deal with the stresses of his dull life, Mike is a regular gym rat. In his younger years, he was fascinated with kickboxing, and was the 1999 light middleweight NYS amateur champion kick boxer. Mountaineering now consumes much of his free time. Although he loves winter the most, Mike hikes year round. Mountain bikes, target shooting, and motorcycles provide additional excitement for Mike. Travel is also one of Mike’s loves; he journeys as often as he can to wherever he can go.  Mike’s greatest asset is his humor – it permeates everything he does. His favorite food is cookies. He considers snow blowing more entertainment than work. Mike’s life has been blessed with a handful of wonderful friends who constantly look out for him and he considers them the most important part of his life.